Symptoms of Bad Sway Bar(&Replacement Cost)

You would come across several obstacles while driving on the road as not each one of them is flat and smooth. As you drive on a rough or bumpy road, it is the responsibility of the sway bar to keep the car stable. The absence of a sway bar makes the car go out of control. The best thing about sway bar is that it’s made up of steel or iron that doesn’t degrade over time. However, it has bushings and links that deteriorate over time. In such a situation, one must look for the signs of a bad sway bar and perform sway bar replacement when required:

Where is the Sway Bar Located?

Sway Bar

The sway bar is of U shape and connects to the frame. It is commonly found at the car’s front and is bolted securely with the suspension of the car. Some vehicles have front sway bar links, while others have both front and rear links. If you’re unsure about the location, take advantage of the car’s service manual.

Bad Sway Bar or Anti Roll Bar Symptoms

Anti Roll Bar Symptoms

As the bushings wear out over time, it leads to sway bar failure. When these parts go bad, the car starts producing rattling noises. You would hear this sound while driving on the bump. You would hear other sounds as well while the sway bar bushings or links start failing. Check the squeaking sounds while driving over the bumps. As the situation gets worse, you might hear noises while driving on the flat stretches of the highway.

Trouble While Turning

Sometimes the sway bar links become loose, thereby inhibiting the tires from keeping a solid grip on the road. Due to lack of handling, taking normal turns becomes a hassle for the drivers. You will notice issues while turning the car. You need to put an extra effort into helping the car to move. This situation occurs due to bad sway bar links and takes place as the bushings deteriorate over time.

Car Swerves

The traction and stability of the vehicle come down as the sway bar becomes bad. Even if you aren’t taking turns handling issues will be experienced by you. The car starts going out of control, or pieces start coming out of the car at times. As you change the direction, a significant decrease in direction will be observed by you.

Visible Worn Out Sway Bar

Issues with the sway bar bushings and links can be seen closely. Visual inspection is one way that can help you determine the issue that can be resolved via sway bar replacement. You will also notice that the rubber bushings or nuts placed lying at both ends of these bushings lose their solid and round shape and turn out to be hard and torn. Avoid driving when you come across deteriorated parts as it would put your life in danger.

The function of the Sway Bar

A sway bar, also termed a stabilizer bar, is used to prevent the car from losing control and rolling over. The vehicle rolls towards one side as you make the turn, also known as body roll or sway. It is the responsibility of the sway bar to control the suspension, which in turn would even out the body roll. This keeps your car at proper levels and in control. Take a turn, and you’ll notice that the body rolls outside the turn, putting the car’s weight on the external wheels. As a result, the suspension on the outer wheels starts compressing, and inside wheels, the suspension starts stretching due to rising motion.

How much Does Sway Bar Replacement Cost?

Sway Bar Replacement Cost

Sway bar replacement cost is generally between $125 and $160, with labor making up $50 to $70.Parts costs are between $55 and $110. In addition, sometimes, the car needs new sway bar links or bushings.

The stabilizer bushing replacement cost is between $125 and $160, with labor making up $95 to $120 and the part costing $30 to $65. 

If you don’t have sound technical knowledge consulting a qualified mechanic would be the best action. You can get quality parts from the online car parts and accessories storeThe Auto Parts Shop,’ bringing premium quality sway bar and accessories to you.

The Bottom Line

Sway bar issues mustn’t be taken lightly as you won’t be able to control a car with a bad part. Don’t forget to determine the sway bar replacement cost so that you pay the actual worth and help your car run smoothly.

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