Throttle Body Service: Why is it Required?

Tasks such as oil change and spark plug replacement are an integral part of the maintenance routine. Amid these important tasks, we often forget throttle body service. The issue is generally resolved only when an issue pops up out of nowhere. This guide highlights the reasons to get throttle body service car along with basic maintenance steps that you can perform on your own:

What’s Throttle Body Service?

Throttle Body Service

Throttle body service primarily includes cleaning the blades and bore. The airflow within the system is handled by throttle and debris along with gunk reduces the power and acceleration of the car. The engine runs flawlessly once it has been cleaned properly. These tasks can be handled using the special products and in case you don’t know what to do consulting a qualified mechanic would be the best course of action.

When It’s Time to Get Throttle Body Service?

Once your vehicle has completed 75,000 miles it’s time to take it for a throttle body service. In case you notice a dirty throttle body take it for service as quickly as possible. A physical inspection would help you determine the kind of build-up which is present in the throttle body. You would notice that the car’s performance has downgraded as there are issues with the throttle body. The idle starts getting high or rough & would notice acceleration issues while driving. Once you notice an impediment in the motor’s performance the check engine light will illuminate and fuel economy numbers would dropdown. Determine the throttle body service cost before taking it to the mechanic.

Why Get into Throttle Body Service?

If the car is performing optimally then you don’t have to take it for service or complete throttle body replacement. Throttle body service would offer the following benefits to the driver. Your car has an air intake system the air from the combustion chamber is circulated to the environment. The gas mixes with fuel and creates a combustion process. If the throttle body becomes contaminated the right amount of air won’t be added creating an imbalance in the air is to fuel ratio. The engine starts getting rough and would end up spending more money while adding fuel to the tank.

A regular maintenance plan would make your throttle body look spick and span. At the same time, it enhances the performance of the car. Get the right parts from the customer’s trusted car parts and accessories online-storeThe Auto Parts Shop’ and perform the cleanliness procedure by yourself.

How to Clean the Throttle Body?

Clean the Throttle Body

Follow the simple steps that can help you make the throttle body clean:


Before commencing the cleaning process, select the right products. You would come across numerous throttle body cleaners and choose the right one by reading the customer reviews. While performing the process you must invest in gloves and protective gear. Ensure that the clothing covers your body and products are non-allergic.

Before moving ahead, Ensure that the car is parked on the ground level. Perform the task during the daytime as there is ample light and also park the vehicle outside as the products are flammable.

Check Where the Throttle Body is Located

The throttle body is generally found between the air cleaner and the air intake manifold. It is made of aluminum or any other metal. If you’re unable to find it ask a friend to push the accelerator down while the motor is off. The throttle body has a direct connection with the gas pedal that can be observed from the shaft movement.

Taking the Air Duct Out

Before moving ahead with the process, Remove the ground terminal of the battery safely. Ensure that the hose and electrical wires attached to the throttle body are disengaged and label them to find them later on.

The next step is to remove the air duct. The air duct is fixed via a clamp and must be removed using a screwdriver. Don’t take the wires that are connected to it. If you’re unable to take the air ducts out stop handling the tasks by yourself and consult the experts performing throttle body service near me must be consulted.

Spray Cleaner

Wear your rubber gloves and safety glasses as well spray the air duct into the throttle body’s cleaner. Take the dirt and debris out using a brush and clean the surface with the help of paper towels. Peeping within the system often becomes a concern for many and clean the tight places by applying a cleaner on the cotton swab.

Reassemble the Car

Once the throttle body has become spick and span it’s time to put everything back in order. Connect all the ducts that were taken out. Tighten the clamps so that the duct lies securely on them. Clean the tools and reconnect the battery Dispose of dirty towels and keep the equipment safely. Start the car initially you might experience some issues but would adjust after a while.

Test Driving

Allow your car to warm up and keep the engine idle for about 5 mins. During test drives, you would notice some changes in the engine’s working. Sometimes you won’t notice anything at all it was due to routine maintenance that was performed regularly.

The Bottom Line

Help your throttle body perform optimally by implementing the steps mentioned above. If the throttle body has worn out completely then take the car for a throttle body replacement to the mechanic or do it on your own.

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