How To Fix a Broken Seat Buckle?

Safety is an aspect that mustn’t be compromised at any cost. Issues such as a broken seat belt buckle might become a concern to your safety and takes a toll on an individual’s emotional well-being. One has to pay a hefty fine as he drives with a broken belt. Fortunately, a broken seat belt buckle can be fixed by the simple steps listed as follows:

Ways to Fix a Broken Seat Belt Buckle

Seat Belt Buckle

Below is the step by step process that can be incorporated while performing a seat belt buckle fix:

Check the Belt

You don’t have to do anything using the belt just observe it closely. If you notice something on the belt, take it out and help it work the way it used to. The seat belt lies at a place where dirt, grime, and debris generally accumulate. When you notice something on the tongue, you can remove it easily without leaving it as it is.

Remove the Buckle

To give a close look, you need to separate the buckle from the seat. You can eliminate it by unscrewing the buckle, while it needs to be removed from the seats in the case of others. You can refer to the service manual for directions as it can help you get within the buckle without any hassle.

Open the Socket


Take the buckle out, and you’ll notice a socket between the edges. Try to dismantle it by removing the screws using the edge of the screwdriver; you can separate the socket from the vehicle; if there are no screws to eliminate, you can take it out as it is. Try to be as much gentle as possible otherwise; it would damage the internal components.

Check the Internal Movement

As the buckle opens, have a look at the internal mechanisms of the car. You would come across a push button along with a cam and strings. Push the button down and check whether something is blocking the movement or not. If something is blocking the movement, take it out without any hassle. Sometimes the buckle doesn’t work properly due to old parts, so try rebuilding the broken seat belt buckle and move to the last step.

Buckle Replacement

Some people love to tinker with seat belt buckles. This is so because buckle replacement takes lots of time and effort. There are affordable repair kits out there in the market that can help you save money. You can replace the entire seat belt if the existing one has worn out completely. Replacement seat belt kits tend to cost between $25 and $100 for the parts. Your total bill would be between $100-$200, and you don’t have to pay labor charges separately. 

However, you can save money from your seat belt replacement. Buy the seat from customers’ trusted online car parts and accessories storeThe Auto Parts Shop’ within your budget.

The Bottom Line

Fixing a broken seat belt buckle would keep you safe on road and saves you from paying hefty fines. Associate with a trusted seller that brings quality and affordable belts and parts to you.

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