Ways to Make the Car Exhaust Sound Louder

The exhaust system is one of the crucial car components. There are ways that you can implement to make it sound louder without worrying about the budget constraints. This guide highlights some practical approaches that can make car exhausts sounds louder. Along with it, the average price of every item has been shared so that you can perform the upgrades keeping the budget constraints in mind:

How are Exhausts Sounds Produced?

Most of you might be wondering how the exhaust system produces sounds? It is basically the combustion process that produces sounds that move out of the exhaust system. As these sounds waves are accompanied by exhaust gases move through parts such as catalytic converter, muffler, and resonator. Every part responsibly makes the exhaust sound louder. If you want to hear aggressive sounds you need to alter the parts in some way.

How Can We Make the Car Exhaust Sound Louder?

Drill Holes in the Exhaust($0-$25)

Drill Holes

It is least recommended but is the cheapest approach in which small holes are drilled within the exhaust thereby resulting in loud sounds. Using a power drill and 3/8” bit you can create four to six holes within the exhaust. The holes must be drilled before the muffler but after the converter. Drilling holes before the catalytic converter leads to the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. This method mustn’t be implemented as the exhaust fumes entering the cabin can be poisonous. Furthermore, your car would fail the smog test. You will get to know about several issues while taking the car for inspection to the mechanic.

Remove the Muffler($20-$45)

Remove the Muffler($20-$45)

Removing the Muffler means taking the part causing the silencing action out. The mufflers must be replaced with pipes that need to be welded within the system. If you’re unable to find pipes you can take advantage of the exhaust clamps. Remove the muffler and notice a change in the way the car sounds that become louder over time. This would also make the sound look more aggressive.

Install the Exhaust Tip($35-$65)

Exhaust Tip($35-$65)

The resonator works opposite the muffler. The resonator tip is going to make the waves vibrate thereby producing different sounds that aren’t louder. Not every car model takes advantage of the resonator in some cases it is known as the exhaust tip.

Note that the resonator or exhaust tip won’t bring a big difference in the car sounds.It is generally installed to bring a small difference and enhances the overall appearance of your car.

Install Cold Air Intake($150-$300)

Cold Air Intake($150-$300)

If you want to enhance the car’s performance with a tweaked sound then installing a cold air intake would be the best course of action. By installing a cold air intake the engine performance will escalate due as the oxygen levels have been topped up. The sounds produced by the engine become loud and aggressive also as it leaves the system you’ll notice a different sound. As you let off the gas pedals and change gears the turbo changing sounds will be noticed by the drivers around you.

Invest in a Turbocharger($400-$3,000)

If you don’t like sounds that are higher make them better by investing in a turbocharger. With a turbocharger, the combustion chamber receives more air and would notice a boost in Horsepower and Torque. This upgrade would enhance the car’s performance and overall sound of the car. After installing the turbocharger certain parts such as fuel injectors, & the map of the engine control module needs to be changed to meet the high fuel requirements.

Install Aftermarket Exhaust ($250-$1,500)

If you are planning for high-end upgrades and you don’t have budget constraints then invest in an Aftermarket Exhaust system. This would maximize the airflow and the car starts producing extremely loud sounds. The standard exhaust is quite restrictive and ways to make the sound quieter must be identified to prevent issues further. Once these restrictions are eliminated the airflow becomes better and aligns with the goals of your vehicle. Consult the professionals if you’re unsure about the kind of exhaust that’s the best fit for your car.

Where to Purchase these Car Components From?

Buying the components from a local shop will cost you a great deal of money. However, you can take steps to save money such as buying it from customers’ trusted online car parts and accessories storeThe Auto Parts Shop’ that brings authentic and affordable parts keeping the make year, and model of the car in mind. The best part is that the aftermarket parts would be delivered in a day. Compare the price and save money on every purchase.

The Bottom Line

Upgrade your vehicle with the things mentioned above to enhance its performance and make the sounds appear louder.

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