How to Eliminate the Strip Oil Drain Plug(Also repair the Pan Hole of the Oil)?

One of the most difficult tasks during an oil change is to strip the oil drain plug. These situations make you scratch your head, and your mind starts thinking of ways to deal with them. However, by applying the right technique and purchasing the right strip oil drain plug removal kit from Autoparts, you can fix the situation. Eliminating the strip oil drain plug has become easier than ever; just follow the step by step process listed below:

What Leads to the Stripping of Oil Drain Plug?

Conditions such as strip take place in two conditions one is the oil drain plug, and another one is a hole. This situation occurs at different locations, but the stripping concept remains the same. Sometimes the threads of the drain plugs undergo damage and are known as labeled strips. Performing oil change in this hole often becomes a task for many and inhibits the drain plug from torquing properly. A poorly torqued plug often leads to an oil leak. Unfortunately, fixing this issue leads to engine damage, and would notice a drop in oil levels after some time.

Overtightening is another reason that makes the plugs strip and thread formation. Keep the manufacturer’s specifications in mind and tighten the drain plug to a specific torque. Sometimes it’s the wrong size of the socket or wrench that leads to draining plug head damage.

How to Deal with Strip Oil Drain Plug?

Oil Drain Plug

Before performing the job, ensure that you have a strip oil drain plug repair kit. Also, don’t forget to invest in a new drain plug. Once the old strip oil drain plug is removed, it’s time to insert the new one in its place. Keep the hole open while taking the plug out of the car.

Take Advantage of the Vice Grip Pliers

Vice Grip Pliers

With the help of the Vice Grip Pliers, you can take the round-off drain plug out of the vehicle. It would be best to get a round jaw variety. With a flat jaw type locking around the bolts often becomes a concern for many and it is impossible to remove them without locking them.

Avoid using the screwdriver as it damages the oil pan completely. In the worst-case scenario, your vehicle will go through oil pan replacement which is quite costly.

How To Repair Oil Pan Hole?

Buy a New Drain Plug Repair Kit

Thinking of ways to fix a hole in the oil pan, invest in an oil pan repair kit. These come with a reaming kit that helps you get rid of the old threads. This kit consists of tools in various sizes and can be used to fix issues related to the automotive gearbox and sump pump of the house.

Remove the Damaged Threads

Reaming bits can be used to eliminate damaged threads. Keep on using them until all its damages are resolved. Also, these help to give a renewed finish to the vehicle’s surface. Once you add a new plug, it will stay intact once the damaged threads have been rooted out.

Add New Threads to the Hole

You need a tap of optimum size to thread a hole inside the car. Your kit must come with numerous options so that new threads can be added to the hole. New threads keep the drain plug intact and ensure that the tap is moved numerous times clockwise. Start rotating it in the anti-clockwise direction once you’ve applied the clockwise approach. Perform this process until the tap goes deep into the oil drain pan hole. Once the thread work is over, check it and ensure that they’re devoid of any metal shavings.

Flush Oil Pan

To prevent metal shavings, the entire system is flushed before adding oil to it. Once the tapping is over, flush the entire system by adding flush the system with ½- to 1-quart of motor oil. If you don’t do this, you’ll notice metal and oil pieces within the oil and motor, thereby resulting in permanent damage.

Install the New System

Put the strip oil drain plug in the hole also, and thread the plugin to a drain hole that is fixed. Pay attention at the initial stages and look closely while shoving one more drain plug within the system.

Refill the New System & Check

Once you’ve performed the steps, it’s time to check the vehicle’s performance via test driving. After test driving, everything must stay intact if you’ve performed it correctly.

Where to Get the Strip Oil Drain From?

Issues such as strip oil drain can be resolved with the assistance of a qualified mechanic if you possess sound technical knowledge. In that case, you can buy it from the reputed online car parts and accessories store The Auto Parts Shop‘ and carry out the replacement process by yourself.

The Bottom Line

Implement the steps mentioned above to take the strip oil drain out of the system. Get a durable and top-quality oil drain plug repair kit from Autoparts.

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