Signs that Indicate that the Blower Motor Needs Replacement


Behind the smooth working of the car’s heating & cooling system lies the efforts of the car’s blower motor. Unfortunately, issues in the blower motor prevent the car from working smoothly. This is a small issue but can hamper your driving experience. We have highlighted the bad blower motor symptoms along with their solutions:

How Long Does a Blower Motor Last?

The longevity of the blower motor depends on the lifespan of the vehicle. During harsh or extreme weather conditions, you would certainly notice blower motor issues, and the need for a new blower motor assembly arises.

Bad Blower Motor Symptoms

Bad Blower Motor Symptoms

A bad blower motor shows the following signs:

Fan Moves at a Certain Speed

Issues in the blower motor make it work at a certain speed. On the contrary, an optimally performing blower motor adjusts its speed according to the cabin’s temperature. If the blower motor fan doesn’t blow the required amount of air, the assembly has gone bad. A damaged blower motor resistor or switch can be the underlying cause of the issue. Ensure that proper blower motor diagnosis is carried out before replacing it with a new one.

Blower Motor with Weak Airflow

Issues with the blower motor can be seen in the case of irregular or weak workflow of the AC. Like other components, the motor undergoes wear and tear. This wear and tear prevent the HVAC system from working smoothly. As a result, you would see them working at certain speeds until they stopped working at all.

Weird Noises Coming Out of HVAC System

Unusual sounds coming out of the HVAC is a warning that indicates something serious is about to happen. Foreign particles get within the car’s engine compartment and move towards the blower motor fan. These blades on the fan are made of plastic and often undergo damage. You would hear weird sounds like slapping and sudden pop behind the vents.

Smoke’s Smell Starts Coming

A problematic blower motor starts dissipating smoke or burning smell from the car. Halt the car there and then and pull it over. It is better to take the car to a qualified mechanic who will carry out blower motor replacement after a thorough inspection.

Ways to Test a Blower Motor

You can test the blower motor of the car on your own. If you don’t have the right tools get them from the car parts and accessories store onlineThe Auto Parts Shop‘ at nominal rates. You just need to follow the steps stated below :

1. A voltmeter or an ohmmeter can help you identify the blown fuse present within the blower motor. If you’ve suspected a blown fuse replace it as soon as possible.

2. Turn the engine on and check whether the blower motor is performing optimally or not. If the fuse blows again, check the car for loose circuits.

3. If the circuits are performing well, but the motor keeps on blowing continuously, blower motor replacement would be the best way to resolve the issue.

How Much Does Blower Motor Replacement Cost?

How Much Does Blower Motor Replacement Cost?

The average Blower motor replacement cost is $450 on an average. The cost generally ranges between $250-$800, and the labor costs are around $150.If you want to install high-end motors in your car, you need to pay $2000.

How to Save Money on Blower Motor Replacement?

Blower motor replacement is an expensive affair. However, you can save money by conducting the replacement by yourself and buying a new motor from a reputed store bringing quality car parts & accessories online. The best part is just entering the car’s make, year, and model, and the kind of motor you’re looking for will be delivered to you in a day.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with a bad blower motor can lead to bigger issues. It’s better to resolve the issues as they arise and get a new blower motor assembly for your car.

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