Which Battery Cable Must be Taken Out First & Installed at Last?


Whether you’re planning for a jump start or carrying out a battery cable replacement you must be aware of the proper sequence of disconnecting and connecting the cables. In certain cases, the cables that are installed at the beginning are taken out at last. The wrong sequence degrades the battery of the car quickly. Let’s dive deeper and discover the correct sequence of installing the cables:

The negative cable must be taken out first and installed at last. Taking the positive one out would create a shortage of electricity at the place where metal touches the area. Instead of putting yourself and others in danger adopt safety tips and change the cables without any trouble. Below is how you need to do it step by step :

Identify the Battery Cables

dentify the Battery Cables

Ensure that the battery cables have marks or color codes on them. It would be easy to distinguish between the positive and negative terminals of the battery which is otherwise impossible. Even the caps must-have color codes on them. On the positive and negative battery cables make sure that the terminals have been marked in advance you won’t experience trouble while changing the battery.

Which Battery Terminal Must be Taken Out First?

Start by taking the negative cables out of the battery. The negative terminals must have a minus sign or a black cap. These steps can safeguard you from a spark or an electric shock. Disconnect the battery cable using a socket wrench which is 10mm in size. Try adjusting it on the connector bolt and try to lose it by rotating it in a counter-clockwise direction. Ensure that the socket doesn’t touch both terminals as it will build an electric path. Once you’ve taken the negative terminal out, put it aside avoid touching the car battery or positive terminal.

Which Battery Connector Must be Installed at Last?

Installation of the negative cable must be the last step while the positive one must be fitted initially. After you’ve installed the new battery or have tried jumpstarting it ensure that proper reconnection procedures are adopted. Performing the installation and removal process in a similar manner would deteriorate the condition of the battery. Connect the positive terminal first and the negative one at the last. Ensure that the connectors aren’t in close proximity while they’re disconnected. Some take advantage of the plastic zip tie or connect a temporary item to prevent their contact. Also, they must be kept on a metal-free surface.

For installation, you need to take the connectors out of the zip ties and insert the positive one followed by the negative one. Wiggle them once so that the connection is properly established.

Note: You’ll notice a small spark while installing a negative cable. Don’t get shocked this means that an electric current has been formed successfully.

Which Battery Connector Must be Installed at Last?

Make sure that the cables are in optimum condition before the installation and removal process is performed on it. If they aren’t getting the new battery cables from trusted car parts and accessories online-store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’.They bring premium quality cables and battery accessories to you. The best part is that the cables are sold at nominal rates than the price levied by local shops.

The Bottom Line

Ensure that the battery cable is properly installed and battery cable replacement is carried out on problematic cables. Adopt step by step procedure and help the battery run smoothly.

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