How to Take Out the Struck Wheel From Your Car?


Changing a wheel isn’t a complicated task. The real complication arises when the wheel gets stuck due to corrosion and isn’t coming out. This is so because it has been exposed to corrosion and is stuck at a particular place. The corrosion generally prevails in the area between the wheel and the hub. Now that you’ve come across a stuck wheel, here are some practical and effective stuck wheel removal tips that you can implement to perform your job effortlessly:

Why Does a Car Gets Stuck?

Why Does a Car Gets Stuck?

Aluminium Wheels  

Aluminium Wheels  

Steel Wheels

Keeping the car in an area that is exposed to snow and salt leads to corrosion. This corrosion generally happens within the Aluminium alloy wheels and the car’s rim. This corrosion sticks the wheel to the car, and taking it out becomes an arduous task. The stuck wheel issue isn’t experienced by the Aluminium wheels of the car but also vehicles with steel wheels. These issues take place depending on the climatic conditions outside.

You can save your vehicle from getting into such a situation by applying some synthetic grease on the wheel hub and rim of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this issue gets so intense that it would put you into complete wheel replacement.

How to Eliminate Stuck Wheel or Tire?

Now that you’ve come across the reasons that could lead to stuck wheel situations. You can perform the following steps to take out the stuck wheel from your car:

Make the Nuts Loose & Drive Slowly

Instead of going to a mechanic or a car repair store, you can perform this simple step to eliminate stuck wheels. Make the nuts lose but don’t take them out completely. Instead, lower the vehicle and move it both front and back. Perform this process again on the leveled ground and jack the car up to eliminate the nuts. The wheel must have become loose you can take it out. Make sure as you drive the nuts don’t come out suddenly as it would lead to incidents.

Apply Rust Penetrator to Hub & Spots

Cars with Aluminium or steel wheels are more likely to develop rust. Apply the rust Penetrator to get rid of the unwanted corrosion. Spray it by taking out the wheel caps and applying them to the wheel studs. Ensure that you invest in quality rust penetrators that you can get from reputed car parts and accessories online-store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘. Let the Penetrator rest for at least 15 minutes and take the wheel out by punching or kicking it.

Take Advantage of Lumber & Heavy Hammer

If you’ve tried several options and the stuck wheel isn’t coming out, take advantage of the lumber and heavy hammer method. First of all, Jack up the car before performing the further process. Before performing the process ahead, ensure that the car is stable at the jack stands. Take lumber of 2X4 inches and place it between the tires and wheel. Next, take a heavy-duty hammer and keep it beneath the car. Keep the lumber near the wheel and tires and hit the lumber using the hammer. This would free the wheel, and taking the hub out won’t be a hassle for you. Note that you aren’t standing under the car while performing this method as it is dangerous. Ensure that the hammer is operated cautiously while implementing this stuck wheel removal method.

Add a Crowbar Between the Hub & Rim

Start this method by applying some lubricant to the hub and bolts of the vehicle. Next, add a bit on the rim where the crowbar resides. Next, take a long crowbar and keep it between the wheel spindle and rim by finding an appropriate location. Apply this technique cautiously to damage the rim, and try this super effective method to take the stuck wheel out.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with a stuck wheel isn’t a good thing, especially when you’ve urgent work. Try the solutions mentioned above to remove the stuck wheel and drive your car back. Otherwise, you can take the car for a wheel replacement to the mechanic if the condition of the existing one has become worse.

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