Signs of a Bad Hydraulic Lifter & Replacement Cost

Signs of a Bad Hydraulic Lifter & Replacement Cost

Internally working parts are a mystery for car enthusiasts. However, the more they know about them, your curiosity about them increases. These technical parts are as significant as their counterparts which fail over time. One such technical part is the hydraulic lifter. This article covers everything regarding the hydraulic lifter and hydraulic lifter replacement that would resolve the issues in no time. Also, we’ve shared the details about the hydraulic lifter replacement cost.

Which is the Exact Location of a Hydraulic Lifter in a Car?

The lifters are present between the engine camshaft and valves. In certain cars, you’ll find pushrods and rocker arms in them. Depending on the camshaft location, the lifters are generally present above or below the car’s engine. Certain cars don’t have hydraulic lifters, and there would be certain kinds of mechanical lifters within them. Those with camshafts push directly against the pushrods and valves. Check the hydraulic lifter location before working on the issues.

Bad Hydraulic Lifter Symptoms

ad Hydraulic Lifter Symptoms

Excess Noise from the Engine

You are more likely to notice a hydraulic lifter that gets stuck or broken. You would hear the clanging metal while they rub against each other and the internal parts of the lifter hammering against each other. As you drive the car at high RPM, the sounds become louder, and the lifter begins to actuate faster until it no longer takes place. Check the car for the following bad hydraulic lifter symptoms & take it to the mechanic for replacement.

Engine Misfiring

The hydraulic system is attached to pushrods that are further linked to the rocker’s arms. A poorly working hydraulic lifter would impede the opening and closing of the exhaust or intake valves. This further prevents the engine from combustion, thereby resulting in misfiring. During misfiring issues, you’ll suspect certain sounds and drop in the car’s performance. Therefore, it’s better to take the car for a hydraulic lifter replacement to prevent these issues from getting worse.

Broken Pushrods & Dead Cylinders

The car engine has an overhead valve that comes with pushrods establishing a connection between the camshaft and intake of the car. This might break down in the case of a bad hydraulic lifter. For example, a broken or damaged hydraulic lift cylinder makes the pushrods bent and broken.IN such cases, the exhaust valve or intake valve doesn’t work the way it should, and another one doesn’t work at all. It takes the cylinder to the “dead cylinder” condition and negatively impacts his performance. In case of a dead cylinder, try not to restore the car’s horsepower and get the car checked by the mechanic.

Illuminating Check Engine Light

The entire car comprises sensors. They take care of everything, including the amount of air given by intake to handle the chemical composition of the exhaust. Everything related to the car is stored in a fine-tuned machine and flashes whenever something is wrong with the car. If something is not alright with the vehicle, the sensor will start flashing it. Multiple lights illuminate during a problematic hydraulic lifter and demand a replacement to resolve the issue.

Hydraulic Lifter Replacement Cost

Hydraulic Lifter Replacement Cost

The average hydraulic lifter replacement cost generally falls between $100-$1100.This varies as per the car model and the labor charges. Each hydraulic lifter costs between $5 to $30, while labor costs are between $100 to $1000.Buying these components won’t be as expensive as the replacement. However, you can save money by getting them from trusted stores selling car parts and accessories online like ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’You just need to pay labor charges to the mechanic, and the hydraulic lifter issues will be resolved in no time.

The Bottom Line

Issues in the hydraulic lifter can lead to bigger issues and costly repairs. However, these issues can be fixed via hydraulic lifter replacement that you can perform on your own or with the assistance of a mechanic.

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