Water in Gas Tank


Water is generally found in old cars with corroded and bad tanks. However, this issue is often noticed in new vehicles, and water accumulation inside the tank would prevent the car from running smoothly. You need to find the signs and the water in the gas tank solutions for the car to prevent it from getting worse.

Water in Gas Tank Symptoms Car

Rough Acceleration

Rough acceleration is the most prominent cause of water inside the gas tank. This is because the car’s engine considers water as fuel and allows its entry within it. This weird air is to fuel mixture gets within the combustion chamber and ultimately leads to rough acceleration while driving.


Water getting inside the combustion chamber isn’t a good thing. As the water seeps into the combustion chamber, it leads to misfires within the cylinder of the chamber. Misfires and rough acceleration would look similar for many drivers, while misfires are an outcome of rough acceleration when the car is idle.

Rough Idling

Due to poor air is to fuel mixture and misfire, the car starts giving another issue known as rough idling. Minor inconveniences would keep the car idle, and the gas tank would be filled with water in such situations.

Illuminating Check Engine Light

In modern vehicles, the engine car sensors carry out the responsibility of complete monitoring. If a single sensor starts showing faulty values, it notifies the engine control unit that stores trouble code in the memory and illuminates a check engine light. An illuminating check engine light must be considered thoroughly using an OBD2 scanner.

Steam Coming Out of the Exhaust

Water generally gets within the combustion chamber or the exhaust pipe, and steam starts coming out. It would be similar to when you cook water at over 100 degrees; it releases steam.

Slow Acceleration

The sensors responsibly ensure that the air used to fuel the car’s mixture is proper every time. However, as the water gets inside the engine, it gives a faulty reading, making it either too rich or lean. This would minimize the engine power, and the driver will experience signs of slow acceleration.

Starting the Car Becomes a Hassle

One of the most complicated things faced by the driver is difficulties while starting the vehicle. The water inside the gas tank would give you difficulties while starting the car. Sometimes starting the car becomes an arduous task, and sometimes, the cranking times become too long. Compare the water in gas tank repair cost estimates levied by different mechanics and fix the issues in no time.

Engine Not Starting at All

Water within the engine would prevent it from working properly. Sometimes the engine gets hydro-locked when no cranking takes place inside it. This is because water doesn’t compress air, and when the pistons aim to compress air, they start compressing water which isn’t possible.

Water would degrade the engine completely and deteriorate internal components present in the engine like crankshaft rods. In addition, excess water accumulation within the chamber leads to such issues in the future. One way to resolve the issue is to take out a single spark plug, and the crankshaft starts working after it.

Car Standing Still for a While

As the car stands still for as the water gets within the gas tank, fuel starts floating over it. The fuel pump tries to mix both water and fuel while the water stays beneath the car in case of water accumulation. What would happen if you’re driving the car for water starts getting to the engine via a fuel pump.

Water in Gas Tank Solutions in Car

Once you’ve understood the signs and symptoms of water in the gas tank, here is some water in gas tank solutions for cars that you can apply and get rid of :

Vacate the Tank, Carry Fuel Filter Replacement & Refill

The best way to take out water from the gas tank is by emptying the tank, performing the fuel filter replacement, and refilling it. You also require a vacuum cleaner that helps you get rid of excess water within the tank. If you have sound technical skills, you can do it independently or seek assistance from the mechanic.

Fill the Car with Methanol or Special Fuel Additives

If small quantities of water are present inside the tank, you can remove it using methanol or special additives. However, it is impossible to take out loads of water, and the technique is generally applied to get rid of water present in small quantities.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with water in the gas tank can be a serious issue, and the water in the gas tank fix mentioned above must be implemented to prevent other components from degrading. You can get a new fuel filter or gas tank if the condition of the existing ones has got worse. Get them from customers’ trusted stores selling car parts and accessories online like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ bringing optimum quality products to you.

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