Stolen Catalytic Converter: Here’s What You Should Do?

Catalytic converters are the most overlooked components, and the enthusiast realizes their value only when it is stolen. The converter costs several dollars, and this is why converter theft is increasing at a fast pace. Once you suspect that the converter is stolen, take a deep breath and take your car to the mechanic as quickly as possible. This guide will help you deal with the situation as you come across a stolen catalytic converter and take steps to prevent this situation from happening again:

Take Some Time to Collect Yourself

A stolen catalytic converter often gives a traumatic experience to the driver. Instead of getting angry, take some time to calm yourself. The event gave you a warning and asked you to take steps to prevent it from reoccurring.

Contact the Police

Once you’ve recollected yourself, it’s time to contact the authorities and report the matter to them. Inform them about the location where you’ve parked the car so that investigation can be carried out from there. Informing the police will offer you two advantages one helps you find the culprit and get an insurance claim. Do submit the serial number of the catalytic converter if you have it.

Get in Touch with the Insurance Company

Report the entire matter to the insurance company after informing the police. Before filing the claim with them, check the policy thoroughly and check whether the converter has been covered in it or not. If the claim covers the stolen catalytic converter, then ask about the documents they need to complete the process. You will be reimbursed for the converter and can use the amount to buy a new one.

Common Issues You will Face with a Missing Converter

Driving a car wouldn’t be possible without a converter. You will more likely encounter driving issues, and some of them have been listed as follows:

Loud Noises

A converter is a significant part of a vehicle’s exhaust system. In the case of a stolen catalytic converter, the exhaust is trimmed from both sides. These separated sections not only release gases but also generate weird noises. You will hear loud noises without a converter the moment the engine is turned on.

Rough Driving & Acceleration

Car engines work flawlessly whenever there is proper air entry and exit within the system. Conversely, an exhaust system devoid of the converter leads to rough driving and acceleration as the engine’s airflow is hindered.

Toxic Emissions

Toxic Emissions

It is the responsibility of the converters to convert the harmful emissions into less harmful substances. However, during a catalytic converter theft, the gases will be released in the air and at times gets within the car’s cabin posing a threat to passengers’ life.


In certain states, it’s illegal to drive without a catalytic converter, and those who don’t abide by these rules have to pay hefty fines for it. If you don’t want to get in trouble due to the rules, abide by the laws.

If you’ve been noticing these concerns as the converter is no longer at its place, take the car to the mechanic for a stolen catalytic converter quick fix and resume your driving. Also, don’t forget to park your vehicle safely to prevent these situations later on.

How Much Does Catalytic Converter Cost?

Catalytic Converter Cost

During a catalytic converter replacement, the enthusiast is expected to pay anywhere between $500-and $2200.It all depends on the model and the cost of parts. Labor charges are levied separately between $70-and $130.However, if your budget is tight, save money by getting them from customers’ trusted car parts and accessories online store ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ & save money.

The Bottom Line

A stolen catalytic converter impedes your driving and leads to numerous issues. Report the entire matter to the police after calming yourself down and perform a catalytic converter replacement to resume your driving.

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