Symptoms of Bad Throw Out Bearing(& Replacement Cost)

Those driving cars with manual transmission use the clutch for a short time. Once they start experiencing issues while shifting, this doesn’t mean that they must put the entire blame on the clutch. Numerous components work between your foot and clutch, and it’s one of them causing the issues. Throw-out bearing is a crucial component among them that goes bad after a certain time & leads to numerous issues. Below are some bad throw-out bearing symptoms along with ways to fix them:

Throw-Out Bearing Location

Throw-Out Bearing

Throw-out bearing is present within the transmission housing next to the clutch. If you’ll see your car as it is, you won’t see a throw-out bearing. Those with a manual transmission need the proper equipment to see throw-out bearing.

Check the throw-out bearing for the following signs that indicate it has gone bad. Fortunately, Throw-out bearing replacement can fix this problem and make shifting effortless for you:

Symptoms of Bad Throw Out Bearings

Check the car for the following throw-out bearing symptoms:

Noise When the Clutch is Depressed

Noise Clutch

Throw-out bearing is pressed against clutches pressure plates due to poor flush fitment and is accompanied by several noises when it’s depressed. You won’t hear these sounds only once, but every time it’s depressed. Once you depress the clutch, it will be accompanied by vibration as throw-out bearing chatters against pressure plates.

The bigger the problem, the more will be the vibrations. If the issue has just started, you would hardly experience any vibrations.

Shifting Gear Issue

Throw-out bearing is a critical component of a car’s clutch that helps you shift gears. Once the bearing start giving issues, you would experience hassles while shifting the car. Sometimes shifting in and out of the gear often becomes a concern, leading to accidents.

Clutch Becomes Stiff

Clutch Becomes Stiff

Sometimes throw-out bearings lead to numerous issues then it’s impossible to press the clutch plates as smoothly as before. It would help if you pressed harder to depress the clutch completely. The extra force will be negligible initially, and as the issue progresses, it will get worse. Sometimes the throw-out bearing would “catch,” and the clutch pedal becomes completely struck. Take the car to a qualified technician otherwise bigger issues will occur in the future.

Grinding While Shifting Gears

Grinding While Shifting Gears

Those who commute on a stick shift vehicle know what grinding gears might sound like. When you’re doing everything right, and the clutch pedal is fully depressed, but you’re still hearing noises, the throw-out culprit is the issue. Once you shift the gears, the sound gets loud and is accompanied by grinding.

Throw-Out Replacement Cost

Throw-Out replacement cost generally costs between  $400 and $1500, among which most of them are labor charges. Aftermarket bearing costs between $10-$30.You need to take the entire transmission out to perform the job when someone tries to do it by himself.

If the throw-out bearing is expensive, you can save money by getting it from the online car parts and accessories store The Auto Parts Shop’ at affordable rates and save money.

The Bottom Line

Check the bad Throw-out bearing symptoms listed above and fix them to prevent costly repairs later on. You can fix them by yourself or consult a qualified mechanic who helps the car run without any obstacles.

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