Why Is My Brake Caliper Sticking?

Brakes are the most significant feature of your car. You can minimize the car’s speed or halt the car without getting into fenders, benders, and accidents. What’s more important is the brake caliper hat clamps to the rotors with the help of brake pads and helps reduce the speed of the car.

A sticking brake caliper is a real issue that prevents you from safe brake application. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved after the root cause of the issue has been identified. Continue reading the guide that covers the prominent reasons that lead to brake caliper sticking:

Why Do Brake Calipers Stick?

Braking issues occur as the brake calipers start sticking to each other. The question is, why do brake calipers stick to each other? Below are the primary reasons that make the brake calipers stick to each other have been listed as follows:

Worn Out or Faulty Brake Hose

Faulty Brake Hose

Brake caliper sticking occurs due to a damaged brake hose. A worn-out hose often leads to leaks, preventing the brake fluids from returning to the master cylinder.

Worn or Faulty Brake Caliper Piston Boot

Faulty Brake Caliper Piston Boot

Sometimes the issues arise due to faulty brake caliper piston boot that needs the driver’s attention. Caliper piston has a rubber boot attached to it that keeps it lubricated and prevents debris entry inside it. A torn boot allows the debris entry into the caliper or rust formation within it. It also imposes a restriction on the sliding motion of the caliper.

Debris and Stuck Brake Pad Shims

Debris and Stuck Brake Pad Shims

Debris gets within the brake pad crevices, and sliding becomes a difficult task for the pads. Initially, the brake pad shims start sticking, followed by the sticking of brake pad calipers.

Brake Calipers Slide

Brake Calipers Slide

Once you depress the brake pads, you’ll see that these start moving towards the grooves of the caliper. Rust and debris damage the brake pads to a great extent & pads start sliding out of them even if you’ve kept your foot aside.

Worn or Faulty Brake Caliper Bolts

The bolts present on the caliper need to be lubricated so that sliding and moving don’t become a difficult task for them. These bolts are enclosed with a protective rubber coating that prevents the lubricant leak. In case the rubber coating over the bolts breaks, these bolts dry up and lead to the accumulation of dust and debris.

What are the Signs of a Sticking Brake Caliper?

While dealing with brake caliper issues, it is important to understand the symptoms and resolve the issue based on them. A sticking brake caliper is accompanied by the following symptoms:

Vehicle Starts Moving to One side of the road

In case of a stuck brake caliper, the vehicle starts moving to one side of the road. You might face difficulties while driving the car in a straight line. This safety hazard puts you into life-threatening situations and leads to injury when left unattended for a long time.

Car Starts Slowing Down

At times you’ll notice that the brake calipers are getting attached as they’re in constant contact with the brake rotors. You will notice that the car starts slowing down the moment you place your feet on the car. It is generally accompanied by a weird, irritating & high-pitched screeching sound. This often happens when the pad braking material starts wearing out.

Unexpected Heat Starts Dissipiating from the Affected Wheels

Sometimes sticking occurs as the brake calipers start dissipating excessive heat generated by affected wheels. The more you drive, the more heat is generated. Ensure that wheels aren’t touched while they’re hot to prevent injuries.

Is It Safe to Drive with a Sticking Brake Calipers?

Driving with sticking brake calipers or damaged parts can put you in dangerous situations. The moment you notice that the vehicle starts sticking, taking the car to a qualified mechanic would be the best course of action.

How Much Does Brake Caliper Cost?

The brake calipers’ cost ranges anywhere between $10 to $2,100.The price depends on numerous factors including factors, including brand, quantity, condition, and inclusions. Labor costs generally fall between $140 to $170, depending on location. 

However, you can save money on brake caliper replacement by purchasing parts from the reputed online store ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ & save money.

The Bottom Line

Sticking brake calipers becomes a safety concern for the drivers. Get the brake caliper sticking fixed from a qualified technician, or do it by yourself if you have sound technical knowledge.

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