What is SRS Light(Issues & Solutions)

Have you ever come across an SRS light that starts illuminating all of a sudden? Conditions like these annoy you and make you think that something is wrong with your car. This article covers everything related to SRS light with causes and steps you can take to fix the situation:

What Exactly is an SRS Light?

SRS stands for supplemental restraint system, which indicates an issue with the airbag system. Some cars have SRS letters, while in the case of others, you’ll come across a stick figure. Initially, when an airbag was integrated into the car, manufacturers considered it a replacement for regular belts. However, they realized that these work exceptionally when combined with seat belts or supplements after a certain time. This was when they introduced the term supplement restraint system. To have a deep understanding of the SRS light, one must be well aware of the different parts of airbags. An airbag consists of the following components:

Airbag Module

Airbag Module

This consists of single or multiple modules with an airbag and inflator assembly.

Airbag Sensors

Most cars have sensors in them measuring the conditions that lead to collisions. The sensors send a message to the SRS module to deploy airbags whenever an accident occurs.



It helps the steering wheel turn without causing a break in the electrical contact of the airbag module.

SRS Module

SRS Module

The entire airbag system is monitored via the SRS module.

You will come across advanced components in modern vehicles, and the basic ones listed above are found in every car.

What Causes SRS Light Illumination?

Different parts illuminate the SRS light in the car. You can determine the root cause of the issue by scanning the car using a diagnostic tool.

Below are the prominent reasons behind an illuminating SRS light:

Seat Belt Latch Failure

SRS light has sensors that check when the seat belts are fastened. If something has got within the buckle, it starts interfering with the connection. To fix this issue, eliminate these components, and in case you don’t find anything, spray compressed air within the buckle.

Issues with Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor

If something is there in the front seat, the sensor alerts the SRS system. It not only informs the sensor about the object but also calculates the object’s weight. However, if the adult is sitting on the seat, the airbag would keep the passenger safe. If the sensor doesn’t work properly, it turns the SRS light on.


Water damage often leads to corrosion within the car. If it takes place in the SRS components, it can cause disaster. It not only illuminates the SRS light but also impacts the functionality of the system. The best way to fix the issue is to check every system component. The component that has been affected needs to be replaced.

Bad Clockspring

The steering wheel has an electrical connector that establishes a connection with the SRS computer while the wheel is turning. This part faces lots of troubles. If it stops working, the driver’s side might not deploy the airbags during an accident.SRS light will warn you about the situation.

Dead SRS Computer Battery Backup

SRS computer needs a battery backup to store the data it receives. This battery works even when the vehicle is off. As the battery becomes low power or dead, the SRS light turns on. Installing a new battery can help you fix the situation.

Previous Accident

SRS light starts illuminating even after you’ve met an accident. The moment there is a collision, the crash sensors trigger the system. Malfunctioning leads to airbag failure, and the fault is shared with the computer.SRS light indicates that the computer needs to be reset.

Faulty SRS Computer

After a while, all the electric components inside the car fail. Unfortunately, the SRS computer isn’t different and leads to malfunctioning. Heat, excessive vibration, age, and water damage lead to complete failure, and SRS replacement can fix the issues in no time.

Ways to Reset an SRS Light

Avoid turning the SRS light off, as it won’t stop issues from bothering you again. Instead, try to reset the SRS light once you’ve resolved the initial issues. All the trouble codes will be removed after the reset. However, you can’t perform it on every scanner and ensure that you get the vehicles in which the codes can be reset and erased.

Is it Possible to Drive with an Illuminating SRS Light?

Your car would still work with an SRS light on. However, driving with a malfunctioning airbag system is very unsafe. Take your car to the service center to know the root cause of the issue. If you have sound technical knowledge, you can read the scanner yourself. If you’ve invested in insurance, it would protect the passengers and provide compensation for damages too.

How Much Does it Cost to Resolve SRS Light Issue?

SRS light repair cost generally depends on the issue, and it could be as simple as debris in a seat belt latch. At times this issue can be fixed via compressed air. Sometimes the reason could be failed airbag assembly that is fixed by paying thousands of dollars. It’s better to get the code scanned and obtain an estimate. Consider the SRS Light cost before getting the SRS light replaced.

The Bottom Line

Issues such as illuminating SRS light mustn’t be taken lightly.SRS light replacement would resolve these issues and deploy the airbags on time during a mishappening. 

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