What are Brake Lines & Ways to Service Them?


Brake lines play a significant role in keeping you and your vehicle safe. From protecting you from collision to stopping the vehicle, it does more than you actually think. Therefore, it is important to check them so that they work optimally when you need them the most. Experts at reputed car parts and accessories stores online have shared everything related to car brakes & steps you can take to keep it in top-notch condition:

What are Brake Lines?

Brake Lines

Brake lines have been devised to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. However, a poorly working or failing brake line can put you into serious trouble. It also regulates the car’s overall brake performance and working and turns the pedal pressure exerted by the vehicle into stopping power. Most cars come with a Hydraulic brake system that transfers the fluid the moment the pressure is applied using foot on the brakes. This fluid transfer is generally taken care of by the car’s brake lines.

The brake fluid is kept in a master cylinder and is shifted to the master cylinders to brake calipers via brake lines. It’s the pressure that forces the calipers to clamp down towards the brakes and become slow while stopping the car.

What are the Signs of a Bad Brake Lines?

Like other cars, components break lines undergo wear and tear. A car enthusiast will encounter the following signs during bad brake lines:

Leaking Brake Fluid

Leaking Brake Fluid

Any sort of leak from the vehicle demands serious attention from your side. Every liquid inside the car is of distinct color and can be identified via close monitoring. Brake fluid is generally clear and turns brown as it gets dirty and old. On touching, it gives a dry oil feeling to you. Try to smell the fluid to determine the underlying cause of the leak. Brake fluid odor resembles fish and castor oil. If you suspect any of these signs, it is possibly due to leaking brake fluid.

Illuminating Check Engine Light

Illuminating check engine light indicates an issue with the brake lines. In case the lights are going bad, or low brake fluid is present in the vehicle, inspect the vehicle and carry out the brake line replacement when needed.

Pushing the Brake on the Ground Becomes Impossible

If pushing the brake towards the ground has become an arduous task, it’s time to check your brake lines. First, take your car to a local shop and get brake lines and hoses inspected by a qualified mechanic.


If you have encountered issues with the brake lines and know where they’re coming from, try to check them on your own. In case there are signs of moisture, corrosion, or damage, get the brake lines replaced as soon as possible.

The best approach towards brake line service starts by taking a flashlight and keeping it under your car. If there are drips, rust spots, or any wet/dry fluid leaks, it is possibly due to a brake line leak.

What Action Needs to be Taken In Case of a Brake Line Leakage?

If your brake line is cracked, broken, or frayed, ignoring the issues would make it worse. The best course of action is getting the new brake lines from the reliable car parts and accessories store online, ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ If you possess sound technical knowledge, you can determine the possible causes and take steps to mitigate the issues.

If you don’t know how to carry it out yourself, take it to a qualified mechanic who would carry out brake line replacement by eliminating the old brake line and inserting the new one. If you’ve been noticing these issues for a while, park your car sideways & consult a mechanic.

How to Maintain your Brake Lines?

You can take the simple steps listed below to keep your brake lines in top-notch condition as follows:

Pay Attention to the Brake Pads

Car brakes and brake pads deteriorate way quicker than you think. These must be inspected in a year. If you notice any squeaking sounds from your car, the shim present on the brake pads is the root cause of the issue.

Check Your Brake Fluid

At times the brake fluid present in the car needs attention from you. It is generally dark in color and ensures it is eradicated from your car to prevent it from destroying the brake lines.

Check the Warning Signs

Weird noises or brake responses clearly indicate you of a brake line issue. It’s a serious issue and must not be taken diligently at any cost.

How Much Does Brake Line Replacement Cost?

The average brake line cost generally costs between $250-$500.The labor cost generally falls between $40-$50, and the cost of the parts is between $150-$275.These charges would burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, you can save money by getting premium quality brake lines from customers’ trusted car parts and accessories store online and save a great deal of money.

The Bottom Line

If you have been dealing with brake line issues for a while, try to resolve them instead of delaying them. Get quality brake lines from Autoparts and keep everyone safe.

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