What Does a Carrier Assembly Do & How to Select the One Online?


Car enthusiasts are unaware that carrier drive assembly is a crucial car component. This isn’t just any part, as it does way more for your vehicle than you think. Let’s dive deeper to determine everything related to it & things to consider before selecting the right one for your car.

What’s a Carrier Assembly?

 Carrier Assembly

The carrier assembly is also known as axle carrier assembly or differential carrier assembly. It comprises different components such as differential casing, differential bearings, and differential assembly.

What Distinguishes a Carrier Assembly from a Differential Assembly?

The carrier assembly is way different from the differential assembly. The differential assembly is the heart of carrier assembly and makes the wheels rotate at different speeds, thereby significantly reducing the rotational speed of the axle shaft. Differential assembly is a crucial part of the carrier assembly, just like the human heart.

Categories of Carrier Assemblies

You would come across the following categories of carrier assemblies in the market:

Front Carrier Assembly

Front Carrier Assembly

It is obvious from the name front carrier assembly is present at the front of the vehicle. It is also known as the transaxle.

Rear Carrier Assembly

Rear Carrier Assembly

Center Carrier Assembly

The center carrier assembly performs the significant role of transmitting power and torque to the front and rear assemblies of the car. Technically, it is also known as a transfer case.

The differential has been divided into the following categories as follows:

  • Open Differential: It is less complicated than others and is found in rear-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Limited Slip Differential: Limited slip differential utilizes clutches and plates to prevent either wheel from slipping during hard cornering.
  • Locking Differential: This assembly-type is generally present in 4×4 vehicles and certain sports cars. It works on specific mechanisms and distributes a similar amount of torque on the two wheels of the axle.
  • Active Differential: The most advanced differential category comes with computer-controlled sensors and actuators distributing the torque to the wheels in real-time.

Things to Consider Before Selecting the Carrier Assembly

Selecting the Carrier Assembly

A carrier drive assembly comprises several differential parts being the most significant of all. The differential is basically a mini gearbox that comes with a unique ratio depending upon where it is used. Different types of differentials are installed within the vehicles, which may vary according to the type and year of the car model.

The driver must keep the following information before buying the carrier drive assembly or differential assembly for your car:

  1. Year, manufacturing model, and trim of the car
  2. Engine type(Petrol, Diesel, turbo, or any other type)
  3. Body type(such as sedan, coupe, SUV, crossover, light truck)
  4. Drivetrain (front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive).

Enter the following information while visiting the car parts and accessories store online. The right carrier assembly that fits your model would come before you.

The best part is all the information is present in the car manual. If you cannot find it on the manual, go through the VIN number, which is basically a 16 digit alphanumeric code present externally at the driver-side windshield.

How Much Does Carrier Assembly Cost?

The average carrier assembly cost is generally $1700, which may vary according to design, construction, and availability. Certain mechanics would levy $100 as the labor rates may escalate depending on the model you own and its time to perform the job. However, you can save money by purchasing carrier assembly for your car from a trusted car parts and accessories store online like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’ bringing top quality products to you and saving money. You would come across various DIY tips on the internet that you can implement if you carry sound technical knowledge. Otherwise, you can give the vehicle to the mechanic for a carrier assembly replacement.

The Bottom Line

Keep the things listed above in mind before investing your hard-earned money while buying the carrier assembly. Associate with a trusted store while buying the assembly and driving without any hassle.

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