What Are The Different Replacement Part Options?


Like others, the condition of the car parts degrades over time. This degradation or any other reason makes the car inoperable, and installing new car replacement parts instead of the old ones will resolve the issues in no time. The market is flooded with several options and choosing the right one is a bit confusing for car enthusiasts. Let’s dive deep into the article and explore different car replacement part options you can opt for:



This is the same part that your manufacturing company supplies. Car brands including Nissan or Toyota generally manufacture these parts while Denso or Bosch makes the small genuine replacement parts, including the electronics or AC Compressor. If you’re searching for affordable parts, make ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ the leading manufacturing store your preferred destination.

OEM Part Number

OEM Part Number

The auto parts manufacturer gives every item a number, and apart from an OEM number is generally installed in the car. Vehicles with OEM part numbers must be installed in the car as it perfectly fits the car. If you are unsure about the vehicle specifications, you can buy the desired parts using the OEM part number. While searching for the desired parts at any online car parts and accessories store, enter the OEM part number, and the car part will come in front of you.

The number is generally printed or stamped on the car part. You can check the online catalogs for the OEM part number. A qualified mechanic can help you with the OEM part number, or any online service can assist you. Get the right car replacement parts using the OEM number to drive the vehicle without your hassle.

New Aftermarket

New Aftermarket

This part would work in the same way as a new OEM part. For example, certain car manufacturers post Technical Service Bulletins(TBS) to deliver the design and performance enhancements that are verified.

Aftermarket Remanufactured

These parts are generally manufactured by the USA and offer a guarantee similar to the new part. You need to deposit some amount, and a temporary charge is levied on checkout. Hand over the genuine replacement parts to the manufacturers for some money and earn some cash from them.

OEM Part Brand

You would come across two different versions of the same brand with the OEM part brand. The reason is the same model was manufactured in two different factories or might be attached to different vehicles, so matching it with your car is a hassle.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Replacement Parts Online

At times we don’t want to deal with car issues later on; this is why we take some extra measures before buying replacement parts online. Let’s have a look at the things you must keep in mind before buying car parts and accessories online:

Make a List of Things You Need

Do your homework before spending your hard-earned money on a spare part. It’s vital to research the manufacturer’s websites selling car replacement parts near me. Don’t forget to gather complete information about the seller, check their reviews, and ask the references about the services rendered by him.

Don’t Forget to Compare Prices

Before buying a spare part, compare the prices levied by various car part stores. Settling on a part that comes before you isn’t a feasible approach and associating with the manufacturers selling affordable parts is the best course of action. Get complete information regarding the pieces, then compare them before making the purchase decision.

Verification is Crucial

Before making the final purchase decision, determine the product’s authenticity, which is another criteria that the manufacturer must fulfill. Compare your product with the image of the product which is mentioned on the website. Ensure that minor details, including the car replacement parts with OEM number, are kept in mind and go through the description properly.

The Bottom Line

Buying car replacement parts has become easier than ever. Just select the option and follow the tips, and you’ll land on the right part. The market is flooded with several car replacement part options that must be selected per individual preferences and budgets. Ensure that emphasis is laid on purchasing the authentic parts sold at reasonable rates.

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