Why You Might Need AC During Cold Months?


Air Conditioners are a blessing in summer disguise. Not many people know but using AC in winter months brings enormous benefits to car drivers. You might be wondering using AC in colder months is a completely illogical concept, but the reality is the other way round. Modern vehicles come with AC units that help you adjust the temperature based on your preferences. The moment you turn the AC on during winters, it starts releasing warm air inside the vehicle instead of cold. The best part is that you no longer have to purchase a separate heating system. This article helps you make the most out of car air conditioning in winter and covers questions you have in mind have been covered with it:

Why Use Car AC System During Winters?

The primary reason for running car AC during winters is one the system remains lubricated during summers; two is it keeps the windscreen mist free and third one is preventing the mold and bacteria build-up:

Keeps the System Lubricated All Season

Your cooling system would seize if you didn’t use it regularly. The coolant moves on the rubber seals that get affected the most. These issues get so worse that it results in leakage and pipework, which is so costly that it will burn a hole in your pocket. Running the car AC  during winters would keep the rubber seals lubricated, and using it won’t be a hassle.

Prevents the Formation of Mold & Bacteria

Formation of Mold and Bacteria

Bacteria and mold in cars could impact your health & overall well-being. The AC unit comes with a filter that throws the contaminants outside the vehicle. However, the moment you turn the AC on, you will notice a foul smell in your car, indicating less usage. Therefore, Turn the car AC unit on and get rid of unwanted bacteria and mold.

Keeps the Vehicle’s Front Clear

Keeps the Vehicle’s Front Clear

Your vehicle becomes very foggy, especially when it’s cold outside. It is because the moisture remains on the surface and creates steam. Turn on the car AC unit instead of wiping the moisture using a cloth. You will notice soon notice a difference in visibility.

The Ideal Way to Run Car AC During Winters

It is impossible to keep the AC unit on throughout the day as it would get cold inside the car. Instead, try to turn it on for about 10 to 15 mins after every two weeks. You can even turn on the heating and cooling system simultaneously. Ensure that the windows are open while the AC is doing its job. Both of them are performing the same job; all you’re doing is burning the car’s fuel.

How To Diagnose Automotive AC Problems?

The moment you switch on the AC and hardly notice cool air on your hands, there is some issue with the AC. The AC unit becomes incapable of producing cold air, or the entire cabin is filled with a funny odor. Chances are there that there isn’t enough refrigerant within the system. If you’ve been taking the car to the fuel pump quite often, it is due to the faulty AC system. Don’t take this car AC health problem undiagnosed and consult a qualified technician would be the best course of action.

What Could Be the Reason for Malfunctioning?

Non-usage during winters is the prominent reason that impedes the working of AC. If you’ve filled the gas in the AC two years back, then it’s not going to work properly. Inadequate refrigerant gas would impede the cooling function of the AC.

How to Recharge the Refrigerant Gas?

Take the car to the mechanic for recharging the refrigerant gas. They have a specialized machine that will extract the gas within the system and fill it with fresh gas. However, only a qualified mechanic knows how to diagnose automotive AC problems and take steps to resolve the issue. Also, if you have sound knowledge of recharging the refrigerant gas, you can do it by yourself and save a lot of money.

The Bottom Line

Prevent the entry of unwanted contaminants and fog away from the windscreen by turning the AC on during winters. If there are some concerns in the AC system, get it resolved by a qualified mechanic and purchase the quality AC & other car parts & accessories from ‘The Auto Parts Shop.’Make the most out of the AC during winters and reap its benefits during summers.

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