What’s My Car Trim’s Level?


The only way to determine the exclusive features of your car is by its trim level. The higher the trim value, the more and better features the vehicle offers. The car trim level includes changes that are often applied to the vehicle’s interior, including the upholstery during which leather and other high-quality materials are installed.

Significance of Trim Level

Trim level on a car

Whether the vehicle is an EX or DX, it hardly matters to some individuals. The automobile manufacturers generally pick up the wheel and tire sizes, keeping their trim levels in mind. For instance, you own a Honda Civics; the EX level generally differs from DX.

What are Some of the Trim Levels Offered by the Car?

The trim levels depend on the car model. Some vehicles have less than a single trim, while in the case of others, it stretches up to five or more. The higher the trim, the more features a car will have. The highest trim level vehicle is quite expensive and includes exclusive features like heated seats, leather upholstery, an excellent infotainment system, and all the advanced safety equipment.

What are Some of the Types of Trim Levels?

The base model has the least features, so it’s trim level is low. The top-level trims are generally the fully loaded ones and have every feature a car enthusiast is looking for in a modern vehicle. The trim levels include the interior and exterior car upgrades. While calculating the trim level, the engine and its performance are also considered.

The car manufacturers decide the name that is to be given to trim levels to classify them. Some call it LX, LS, or EX, while others are called Limited, Platinum, or Overland.IN certain cases, the alphanumeric codes are designated to the cars such as CX-5 or QX80.

Some popular examples of trim-level cars include the Chevrolet that used the concept of trim levels on its Impala model. The Mustang GT model manufactured in the year 1965 came up with the concept of trim level. The trim levels of Mustang models are generally calibrated based on their performance in the case of GT and GT premium. General motors have introduced an interesting concept of numbers and alphabets to classify the trim levels based on their performance.ZL1 version has the top trim level and has a robust engine.

How to Determine the Car’s Trim Level?

Determine the Car's Trim Level
  • If you still have the original sales invoice, the car’s trim level is mentioned there.
  • Have a look at the owner’s manual holding information about the vehicle’s trim level.
  • The trim level is generally present on the car. Some cars come with decal or lettering, which is generally present at the side or rear end of the car.

How Car Trims Impact the Resale Value?

While selling your vehicle, you get way more than expected in the case of certain trims and option packages. In case the external weather is hot and you’ve invested in a sunroof, it would turn out to be an excellent investment. The new car buyers take more interest in the advanced features than the used car buyers. These extra features would increase the vehicle’s resale value in the years to come.

The Bottom Line

The trim level gives you an idea about the exclusive features of the car. It also affects individuals’ selling & buying decisions to a great extent. Keep the trim level in mind before buying car parts. This will help you find the parts that perfectly fit your car. Consult a reputed car parts and accessories store such as ‘The Auto Parts Shop‘ that brings quality parts that escalate your car’s trim level.

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