What Is a Short Shifter? What are the Benefits?


Exposed Short Stroke Shift Lever Shows Pivot Point Many people mistakenly believe that the short stroke shifter is just a modified gear lever 

What is a Short Shifter?  

Short Shifter

The Short Shifter is one of the simplest and most economical performance upgrades you can make on a car with a manual transmission. As it sounds, the short throw shifter reduces the length of your throw (or shift) by shortening the distance between your hand and the pivot point of the shifter. The Short Stroke Shifter allows for more compact and shorter shifts and gives you all the relevant benefits of buying any aftermarket shifter, such as the ability to choose better materials to create a stronger feel.  


The most common complaints about Stock Shifters include that they feel squishy and the launch time is usually so long that it feels more like lazy paddling on a river than driving a sports car. One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to update the gear stick.  

Exposed Short Stroke Shift

Standard Shift Short Range Shift will feel stronger and less sloppy than normal shifts. Your hand should also move a shorter distance, which means faster gear changes can be achieved with less arm movement. Some proponents of short-range shifters claim that you don’t even need to move your elbows to change gears. Although we can’t easily verify this, and obviously it’s up to the driver, it doesn’t sound incredible and should tell you how much the throw distance changes the short throw shifter.  

One of the things drivers of manual “joystick” manuals like best is that they really feel connected to the process of shifting gears in the car and feel like they are in control of this process. All of this becomes easier when you can shift gears in a smaller space and feel the stiffness of a more responsive shifter. 

The Short Stroke Shifter Working Principle  

Exposed Short Stroke Shift Lever Shows Pivot Point Many people mistakenly believe that the short stroke shifter is just a modified gear lever. Please don’t cut the shifter, it won’t give you a shorter throw, it’s just a bad idea. The short-stroke shifter is more than just a short shifter. The actual difference between the short shifter, long shifter, and stock shifter is the axle. The shaft is the part of the gear lever that moves between the gears. The short shifter reduces the angle of the axle, thus changing the pivot point.  

transmission system.

The result is that despite the shorter throw, the lower part of the gear sticks that you can’t see moves the same distance. To see the effect, when sitting down, grasp the midpoint of the pen with one hand so that it is parallel to your leg and bring the tip of the pen to one inch from your thigh. Pull the pen back with your other hand until the tip of the pen touches your leg and moves a full inch. Now move the hand holding the pen toward the end of the pen so that more pen is under the hand than it is above. Then repeat the experiment.  

The second time you don’t have to pull too much on the pen, but the bottom will move exactly the same inch. You will also notice that regardless of your pivot point, you will hit your leg with similar pressure. This is the meaning of changing the pivot point and why you can reduce the length of the casting without any negative impact on the transmission system. The shaft of the short-stroke shift lever is usually shorter than the buttstock, but this is to reduce the linear stroke length beyond the angular length. The end result is a shorter pitch. 

The benefits of Short Shifter  

strong braking situations

Shorter Throws 

An expert estimated that based on his experience, short-range converters can reduce the distance between two throws by as much as 70%. Obviously, this is a significant difference and will vary greatly depending on the standard gear lever of your car and the replacement you choose. Shorter spacing can improve performance and safety. Faster shifting means being able to accelerate and decelerate quickly. This can translate to the speed you want, but it also means less effort and stress in strong braking situations, and you can put your hands on the steering wheel more frequently. Other benefits of the shorter spacing include not accidentally elbowing passengers or bumping into a cup of coffee. Being able to use all the space in the cabin provides a lot of freedom. 

Improved appearance  

The short shift lever does indeed reflect the “sporty” appearance, perhaps because it has an automatic function. Unlike many other performance improvements such as hood blades or spoilers, no one installs a short shifter that doesn’t fit the appearance. Every short shifter you see is guaranteed to work properly and looks much better than a stock shifter. Like many other upgrades, there are multiple options for the aftermarket shifters for true customization. All of this helps create a unique Mustang style.  

Improved Driving Experience 

 Most people who drive manually do so because they like the way it feels, but it’s hard to use the gear stick to really get the kind of responsiveness that people expect from a sports car. Upgrading to a short stroke shifter can get better every shift. Few things can affect your driving experience as much as finding the right gear stick. Every time you drive a car, you change gears multiple times, and it’s worth it to make each launch a little better. For many people, short-stroke shifters can enhance their experience, but if you prefer long shifters, there are still great after-sales options that allow you to enjoy the greater response speed and durability of after-sales shifters.  

Install the Short Shifter  

The short-stroke shift lever being installed Even if you are not particularly good at fixing, it is quite easy to install the short shift lever. The most important thing is to prepare in advance and don’t rush for success. As mentioned above, this is the part of the car you touch every day. You want it to be installed correctly, there is nothing worse than constantly reminding you to do things in a hurry and actually break your car. 

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