Why You Shouldn’t Take Ignore the Warning Lights?


The car dashboard consists of various warning lights.One of them is used for the engine pressure management while the other one manages the oil pressure.These lights illuminate the moment the vehicle’s ignition is turned on and goes out as you turn it off.An illuminating warning light while the engine is on can be an indication of an issue with the car that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dashboard warning lights are generally Red, Amber,Green and Blue in color and illuminates based on the severity of the issue.The blue and green lights mustn’t be taken seriously but it’s vital to take steps that can on illumination to prevent bigger issues later on.Below are the guidelines that will aware you of the common car warning light issues along with the meaning of each one of them:

Illuminated Check Engine Light

An illuminating warning light indicates that something serious is about to happen.No matter how smoothly the car runs take it for a mechanic inspection.This warning light would lead to engine damages and their repair would burn a hole in your pocket.Not only this,other issues can be held responsible for the same so don’t take them lightly and proper diagnosis while the car warning lights not working would abstain bigger issues later on.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Apart from brake warning light illuminating oil pressure warning light should be taken seriously.Oil pressure generated by the oil pump helps the engine oil in the circulation.Leaking,faulty or very less amount of oil would damage the engine and leads to costly repairs later on.The moment you notice this warning light halt the engine and refer to the handbook.Fill the car with more oil and the light would stop flashing.If it doesn’t go out a mechanic inspection would resolve inspect and perform car warning light replacement if necessary.

Brake System Warning Light

Brake System Warning Light

Another warning light that needs your attention is the brake system warning light.If you have partially engaged the brake system ensure that its fully released.The letter ‘P’ indicates an issue than an exclamation mark which informs us about the issue.If this method doesn’t resolve the issue taking the car,pull over and ask for roadside assistance as soon as possible.

Battery Charging Warning Light

The Math Lego symbol illuminates when there’s an issue related to battery charging warning light.This light pops-up only when there is a battery charging issue.This issue also takes place in case of a broken battery alternator.A loose battery cable is another underlying reason behind an illuminating battery charging warning light.Too many accessories drain the battery at its acceleration rate and the battery charging warning lights starts illuminating there and then.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

Tire Pressure Warning Light

Driving with a low tire pressure becomes a safety concern for many and the tire pressure warning light starts illuminating.One of the possible reasons could be an underinflated car and driving in such situation leads to unnecessary wear and tear and tire failure too.Low pressure due to leak or under normal circumstances the tires loose pound of air every month.Over-inflation is another underlying reason that illuminates it so such car warning light issues mustn’t be taken lightly.

Service Engine Soon Warning Light

Behind an illuminating service engine soon light lies different reasons that vary depending upon the car model you have.In some models it’s possibly due to minor issues while in others the car must be taken for a regular maintenance.

Anti-Locking Braking System

  1. The anti-locking braking system helps you develop a contact between the road and the car.It tells you that it’s time to halt the vehicle without further delay.Below are the underlying reasons behind an illuminating Anti-Locking braking system:

a. Faulty Control Unit
b. Solenoid Malfunction
c. Failed or Failing Pump
d. Low Fluid
e. Bad Speed Sensor or Wiring Problem
f. Standard bulb check

It is generally present on the dashboard and remains illuminated when there is an issue with the car.In case the braking system light illuminates at the same time your car is in serious trouble.Performing the car functions becomes a hassle for the car and taking heavy brakes becomes an arduous task.

Automatic Shift Lock/Engine Start Indicator Warning Light

The car brakes need to be engaged either during the ignition or while it’s taken out of neutral.Every vehicle consists of two basic types of transmission the automatic and the manual.Cars with manual transmission has a clutch that the driver pushes everytime the gear is shifted.In case of manual transmission there is no lock shift release.A lot of things distinguish the manual transmission from an Automatic one.Vehicles with Automatic transmission come with a shift lock and there’s no need to change the gears manually.A shift lock makes switching between different options an effortless task including the reverse,parking neutral etc.

Seatbelt Warning Lights

Seatbelt Warning Lights

Seatbelts responsibly keep the car drivers safe during their journey. Seatbelts lock and the drivers seat would still remain intact after the collision.Modern vehicle comes with seat belts that have sensors to keep you safe on road.As the car starts the seatbelt warning lights illuminate for few seconds.In certain cars it is accompanied by chiming and the light goes away once you’ve fastened the seatbelts.

The Bottom Line

Financial issues and timing are the two big reasons due to which we ignore the warning lights.Give attention to the car warning lights as ignoring them can put your and your loved ones life in trouble.In case the issues get severe a warning light replacement would resolve the issues completely.

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